Topographical Surveys

Topographic surveys are essential for changing the use of any piece of land. They must be accurate and show all features that are relevant to the proposed development.

All surveys undertaken by Astro Surveys Ltd are tied-in to the Ordnance Survey Grid & Datum (OS GPS Active Network).

Our surveyors use Leica robotic total stations and Leica GPS sets on site before downloading the data into a CAD based survey software application. By doing so we eliminate the need for a standalone survey package, which results in increased productivity and superior presentation over using several packages with various templates and feature libraries.

Measured Building

A Measured Building Survey (MBS) is the accurate measurement of an existing structure. MBS are mainly (but not exclusively) carried out on the following schemes / project scenarios:

  • Domestic house extensions
  • Building change of use
  • Planning applications
  • Listed building consent
  • Building conservation
  • Area calculations (NIA/GIA)

By observing and recording both internal and external detail, an accurate 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) model can be produced.

From the accurate 3D CAD model 2D Plans, elevations and sections can be extracted.

The level of detail required is ultimately determined by the client and the use of the MBS. It can range from the basic building outline to a full, detailed MBS showing all internal and external features.

Setting Outs & Monitoring

Setting-out is the surveying process of accurately marking the position of a feature (e.g. boundary, building corners, foundation centerlines, etc.) on the ground so that it can be built in the correct design position.

For earthworks we can set-out directly from the design Digital Terrain Model (DTM). This method of setting-out allows the direct measurements of cut or fill from any point on the ground surface to the design DTM.

At Astro Surveys, we are able to monitor anything, mobile or stationary, as the case may be. Whether it’s a building facade, an area of land or a large suspension bridge, we use our high-accuracy Leica TCRP1200 total station to monitor movement in three dimensions. As a result, 24-hour monitoring can be carried out without a surveyor being present. Results can be displayed as coordinates or graphs in any format that the client may request.

As-built Surveys

As-built surveys are undertaken to verify that the project has been constructed as per the design, or to accurately record and identify any changes. As-built surveys are mainly (but not exclusively) carried out for the following projects / scenarios:

  • Land Registry submission (e.g. updating title plans)
  • Retrospective planning approval
  • Highways adoption
  • Utilities adoption
  • For the release of deposits / retention on the submission of an acceptable as-built survey to obtain a completion

Volume Calculations

Volume calculations are a key cost element of any site development, yet are often overlooked. At Astro Surveys Ltd we offer a quick, responsive service with accurate and cost-effective outcomes, ultimately giving the client, contractors and quantity surveyors exact figures. A pre-site survey with 3D DTMs allows precise calculations of the volume of earth to be removed from, or brought onto, a building site.

Boundary surveys

We can undertake surveys to record all boundary features for new building plots or land that has already been developed, in order to determine and record exact neighbour boundary divisions.